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Easily adapts to all your services:,,

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Provides users with URLs that are easy to remember, so that your services remain accessible from anywhere. Provides users with direct access to the ressources they need.

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Accelerates migration as redirection can be changed without any delay (compared to CNAME) and be used with any service. Changing your redirections is free.

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$ 19 99 /Year
  • 5 Hostnames
  • 1 Domain(s)
  • 100 Clicks per day
  • Included Reporting
  • Option Https
    (certificate not included)
$ 49 99 /Year
  • 20 Hostnames
  • 2 Domain(s)
  • 500 Clicks per day
  • Included Reporting
  • Option Https
    (certificate not included)
$ 149 99 /Year
  • 100 Hostnames
  • 5 Domain(s)
  • Unlimited Clicks per day
  • Included Reporting
  • Free Https
    (certificate not included)

Know more about Let's Redirect Features

Let's Redirect gives you opportunities to provide your users with easy-to-remember URL and keep the same URL in case of Migration

User-friendly console

Provides an easy to use console where you just specify your hostname as well as the link.

Reporting to follow your users

Provides statistics on when and from where users used your redirect links.

Templates for easier configuration

Are provided to assist you to guide your users easily. Templates include Office365 / Team Viewer quick support / etc.

HTTPS enabled with SSL as option

Is available as option for started and standard packages, included for "heavy user" package. Once activated you will have the opportunity to upload your certificate.

High Availablity

We are dedicated to provide 99.9% availability, but we are always working to improve availabilty of MeeStart services.

24/7 Support by MeeStart team

Your friendly MeeStart support will assist you. You will have access to MeeStart helpdesk portal to submit and review support requests.

How to use Let's Redirect

in 4 easy steps

  • Register or login

    By clicking on login button at top-right of this page. MeeStart login can be used for all MeeStart services. If you don't have MeeStart account yet you can create one on the login page.

  • Subscribe to a package

    Once logged-in, you will be able to subscribe to the plan you need to create your first redirection.

  • Set your hostname and redirect URL

    And assign them to a subscription. You can even test or use template for this.

  • Configure your DNS on your provider

    On your DNS server, create CNAME for your hostname and link it to Don't worry instructions are provided when you create the redirection, with examples for Office365 and GoDaddy.

Contact your Let's Redirect Team

For technical request: support[@]
For other request: info[@]
Or use the chat window just on the right.